Ghaziabad News: Fake electricity department officials raided flour mill, cheated three lakhs

By Ekta
The thugs raided a flour mill posing as officers of the fake business team of the electricity department. The thugs swindled three lakh rupees from the mill operator on the pretext of imposing a fine of Rs 25 lakh. On the orders of DCP Rural Zone, police have registered a report against seven people.
Rahul Sharma, a resident of Radheshyam Vihar Colony, runs a flour mill named Namaskar Atta, has also taken an electricity connection to run the mill, he has lodged a report that on January 13, the JE of the Electricity Department came to the mill and left after checking. The next day again seven people came and introduced themselves to the business team. He described a young man as SDO, Action PA, JE, JMT. He said that you have not installed your transformer on the floor mill, due to which you may be fined Rs 25 lakh, the mill will also be sealed. It is alleged that after this Rahul Sharma was asked to deduct a receipt of Rs 5 lakh, but the deal was finalized for Rs 3 lakh, the team went away with Rs 3 lakh and was asked to collect the receipt from the Ghaziabad office. When Rahul reached the Electricity Department office, he came to know that no officer of this name is working. The victim from DCP Rural Zone complained of cheating on him. On the orders of the DCP, the police have started investigation by registering a fraud report against Ravi SDO, Aditya alias Dinesh PA Axon, Arjun JE, Tara JMT, Nadeem JE and two unknowns.
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