Proper grain storage techniques could eliminate mass wastage

BY ALEJANDRA PULIDO-GUZMAN More that a billion and a half people could be fed with the millions of tons of


FAO Targets $180m To Tackle Global Grain Storage Deficit

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) has said it is in need of $180.4 million under

Capacity of Cold Chains is 32 million MT.

As per a study on All India Cold Chain Infrastructure Capacity (Assessment of Status & Gap), conducted by NABARD Consultancy

Warehousing – Emerging scenario

By Yasmin Basheer Ahmed The warehousing industry continues to produce tech driven innovation as globally business aim to identify and

U.N.’s FAO receives $17 million for Ukraine grain storage

By Maytaal Angel The United Nations’ food agency said it had received $17 million from Japan to address grain storage

The cold-chain warehouse industry desperately needs modernization – this could also impact food price inflation

By Deepak Pahwa India’s food processing industry is one of the largest sectors in terms of production, growth, consumption, and

Warehouse Automation: Why software is the star

By Roberto Michel Conventional wisdom posits that the market for warehouse automation is exploding because companies with fulfillment operations can’t find enough workers

Lightening loads with warehouse ergonomics

By Bridget McCrea In a business environment where jobless claims are the lowest they’ve been in 53 years, the Great Resignation