China’s wheat quality taking hit from heavy rains ahead of harvest

By Susan ReidyBEIJING, CHINA — Heavy rain just ahead of harvest in China’s central Henan province is increasing wheat prices and raising concerns about quality, Reuters reported.

The rain is causing some of the wheat to sprout or become affected by blight, according to videos on social media and a local grain dealer.

China is expected to harvest a crop that officials estimate will be at least as large as last year’s. The outlook coupled with a surge in imports pushed prices to a one-year low and attracted demand from animal feed producers.

But now videos are showing water lying in fields and blackened kernels of wheat, a sign of blight, Reuters said.

Wheat that is infected by Fusarium head blight cannot be fed to animals.

More rain is forecast for this weekend in western Henan, according to China’s Meteorological Administration.

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