Telangana: CSC sets Sept deadline for custom-milled rice delivery

By Md Nizamuddin

In wake of default by scores of millers in supplying Custom Milling Rice (CMR) meant for previous year, the Civil Supplies Corporation has set the deadline for receiving this year’s CMR by September end from millers. With special emphasis on averting a situation like the one in 2022-23, which remains a big headache to the department, it has accelerated the process of receiving all grains.

The Corporation has stepped up measures to curb the situation faced during the previous year whose recovery is not made fully till now. Despite tough measures adopted by the department including serving of notices, criminal proceedings and invoking of the Revenue Recovery Act against some 43 millers as part of the special drive, CMR worth over Rs 1,000 crore is yet to be recovered.

However, the officials clarified that the number of such millers are meagre, numbering about 5% from the total. “For the year 2022-23 there are some old defaults and recovery from them as part of the CMR agreement always remains an option. The extension for them was given till May 15, while some of them still supplying the grains. However to avoid this for the current year, September has been set as the deadline. These millers indulging in mischief are a handful and action is pressed against them. For instance we have targeted to get 50 lakh tonnes, and we are able to receive 45 lakh tonnes, while the remaining 5 lakh tonnes are with them which has to be recovered,” said an higher official.

Earlier in May, the Corporation began initiating action against the defaulters on CMR and as part of the special drive for recoveries, 43 millers were booked under provisions of Revenue Recovery Act and criminal proceedings were initiated. Earlier, commissioner D S Chouhan had informed that Corporation has increased the vigilance as part of recovering, particularly against those few millers who defaulted for years.

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