Chhattisgarh purchases rice/paddy worth Rs 22K crore from farmers: CM Baghel


Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on Friday said the marketing federation has purchased rice/paddy worth Rs 22,000 crore from farmers and emphasised on the importance of MSP to farmers.

Speaking at Times Network India Economic Conclave 2023, Baghel emphasised the importance of providing maximum Minimum Support Price (MSP) to farmers.

He also highlighted that the marketing federation and state government play a significant role in guaranteeing loans and purchasing agricultural produce.

“Specifically, the marketing federation has purchased rice or paddy worth Rs 22,000 crore from farmers, with the state government providing the guarantee. The interest on the loans taken from banks is covered by the marketing federation, ultimately supported by the state government,” the Chief Minister said.

On a question regarding GST compensation, Bhagel expressed concern about the existing GST rules, which he believes are biased against producing states.

He mentioned that consumer states benefit more from GST as they receive a higher share of the revenue.

He also highlighted the need for compensation, as discussed by the central government for a period of five years.

However, the Chief Minister expressed disappointment with the central government’s lack of action on this matter, indicating a perceived lack of willingness to provide assistance.

When discussing the issue of conducting a caste census for Other Backward Classes (OBC), Bhagel highlighted the need for data-driven decision-making.

He mentioned that even after 75 years of Independence, there are still castes within SC, ST, OBC, EWS, and even the upper class that have been left behind.

He argued that without accurate data, it is challenging to develop effective schemes and policies to address these disparities, hence the importance of conducting a caste census.

Assembly election in the mineral rich state is due later this year. The Congress is hoping to return to power in the state riding high on the pro-people schemes.

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