Rice exports: Exporters who paid duties before ban notification can ship consignments

The government has clarified exporters who have paid the export duty before the issue of notification on the ban on rice exports on July 20 will be allowed to ship that consignment. On July 20, the government banned exports of non-basmati white rice to boost domestic supply.

While notifying this ban decision, the DGFT had specified about certain consignments which can be exported.

In ‘relaxation’ of DGFT’s notification dated July 20, ‘export of non-basmati white rice is allowed when export duty is paid before 21:57:01 hours on July 20, 2023,’ the directorate has said in a notification dated August 29.

It added that if the consignment has been handed over to the customs before 21:57:01 hours on July 20 and is registered in customs system for exportation before this specified time or is registered in the electronic systems of the concerned custodian of the customs station with verifiable evidence of date and time, those consignments are allowed up to October 30.

This article has been republished from The Economic Times

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