Pakistan food storage company starts auction of damaged wheat


The Pakistan Agricultural storage and services corporation (PASSCO) stated that wheat weighing 36,000 metric tons stored in stores was damaged and is now up for auctions, ARY News reported.

For this, the PASSCO also issued tenders to auction the wheat.

According to the Pakistan based media outlet, the Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation (PASSCO) earlier claimed that the flash floods triggered by heavy rains have damaged wheat worth billions of rupees across the country.

It said that the about 0.2 million metric tons of DAP fertilizer was being imported from China, while 0.3 million tons of DAP fertiliser is being procured from Iran in exchange of rice.

Speaking on the occasion, the former NA Standing Committee Chairman Rao Muhammad Ajmal said that the wheat cultivation area will be reduced by 20 percent while flood water in Sindh will be receded in two months.

Meanwhile, Managing Director (MD) PASSCO briefed the meeting that the corporation’s three zones out of 15 were severely affected by floods.

“Wheat worth Rs 4 billion (Pak Rupees) was damaged in Dera Allah Yar, Khairpur and Hyderabad,” he said. The official added that some PASSCO centres were still submerged under two to five feet of water.

Earlier a shocking report had revealed that Pakistan yearly wastes food worth USD four billion, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

As per the report by Pakistan’s Ministry of National Food Security and Research, Pakistan wastes 26 per cent of its food production i.e., 19.6 million tonnes yearly, the report revealed. (ANI)

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