Mauritius Receives Shipment Of Long Grain White Rice From India

In a significant development, the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Protection, Marie Christiane Dorine Chukowry, accompanied by the Indian High Commissioner in Mauritius, K Nandini Singla, conducted a site visit at the State Trade Corporation’s warehouse in Mer Rouge. The visit marked the symbolic handover of 1,325 metric tonne of long grain white rice, received under a special derogation from the Government of India, Mauritius-based LeMatinal reported.

Mauritius has already received the mentioned consignment, with an additional 795 metric tonne expected in the Mauritian waters within the next 4 to 5 days, Minister Chukowry revealed in a statement. In spite of recent floods and the need to cater to the local population, Mauritius stands among the top three countries to receive rice from India, she added.

Minister Chukowry also expressed gratitude for India’s full support during this hard time. She announced that distribution of rice has begun in various supermarkets across the country since Monday, ensuring continuous equal distribution, according to LeMatinal report.

She assured the public that the situation was back to normal, with no shortage of long-grain white rice.

She urged against panic buying, emphasising sufficient rice stock and confirmed double distribution efforts across the country, as discussed with the General Manager of the STC. She also announced upcoming site visits to supermarkets later in the evening to assess the situation firsthand.

Moreover, the Minister expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi and Singla for their unwavering support.

For her part, Singla rejoiced that the ties between Mauritius and India are flourishing while pledging continued support. Despite India’s initial ban on rice exportation due to floods, the Indian Government waived the ban upon Mauritius’s request, she said. She added that the first consignment reached Mauritius within a month, and a contract for 14,000 metric tonne of long grain white rice has been signed, LeMatinal reported. 

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