Paddy procurement in Mancherial surges in Yasangi season

By Padala Santosh

Despite challenges, especially from nature in the form of unseasonal rains and hailstorms, the district saw a considerable rise in procurement of paddy produced in the ongoing Yasangi season due to sustained efforts and planning made by the officials concerned.

As per information provided by Agriculture officials, paddy crop was grown in 95,000 acres in this Yasangi season, reflecting a surge in the area of cultivation which used to be around 17,000 acres in the erstwhile Adilabad district. It can be attributed to creation of improved irrigation facilities following the formation of Telangana.

Considering the spike in area of cultivation, a target of procuring 2.30 lakh metric tonnes was set to the district as against 1.13 lakh metric lakh tonnes purchased in the corresponding period last year. A total of 262 centres were opened to procure the paddy from the farmers. However, the district saw unseasonal rains that became a cause for concern to the farmers.

“Facing hurdles in the form of rains and shortage of mills, 1,65,174 metric tonnes of paddy grains were procured in Yasangi of 2023 so far. Efforts are being made to buy the remaining grains at the earliest. Steps are being taken to ensure payments to growers on time,” in-charge Civil Supplies Corporation district manager D Venu told ‘Telangana Today’.

According to officials, the procured paddy was shifted from procurement centres to 15 rice mills in the district after drying the produce. A special focus was laid on ensuring sufficient carriers or lorries to transport the grains from the centres to the mills. Four teams led by Venu and Road Transport Officer L Kistaiah arranged the carriers at the centres.

The excess paddy was shipped to 15 rice mills of neighboring Adilabad disrict and 10 mills of Karimnagar district, while private warehouses were used for the first time to store the paddy with local mills brimming with the grains.

Meanwhile, Rs 90 crore was credited to accounts of 10,326 farmers whose information was registered on the internet. Data of 12,469 farmers is yet to be recorded online. A total of 22,795 growers have sold the grains to the government.

Area of cultivation of paddy in Yasangi-2023 (in acres): 95,000

Procurement target set for the district (in metric tonnes): 2.30 lakh

Achievement (in metric tonnes): 1.65 lakh

Procurement centres created in Mancherial: 262

Procurement achieved by the district in Yasangi-2022 (in metric tonnes): 1.13 lakh

Rice mills of Mancherial where paddy is stored: 15

Rice mills of Adilabad where paddy is stored: 15

Rice mills of Karimnagar where paddy is stored: 10

Payment made: Rs 90 crore

Total farmers who sold paddy to the government: 25,795

Farmers who received payment so far: 10,326

Farmers who are yet to get payment: 12,469

This article has been republished from Telengana Today

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